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How to make your home smell fresh?

Aromatherapy is a mood master, and our room & linen spray is the perfect way to create a relaxing and calming environment.

  • A perfect gift for any occasion. Beauty Touch Room and Linen Spray is a wonderful, fresh scent that you will enjoy every time that you use it. It makes a great gift for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday or graduation, your friends and family will love the thoughtful gift that Beauty Touch Room and Linen Spray makes. The scent lasts all day long, but it is subtle enough to not overpower the room. The ingredients are safe for your family to use around your home.
  • Create a relaxing and calming environment. Spray on your bed, sheets, pillows, linens, towels, clothing, furniture, yoga mats, cars, and in your bathroom. A fine room spray that does not overpower or smell artificial. Scent freshens the air and makes a space feel clean and pleasant.
  • Helps neutralize unwanted odors. If you have pets, cooking odors, smoke, unpleasant building odors. Our fine mist spray will help mask the unwanted odor.
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